In this article I will muse upon the Nature of reality in general and more specifically, the occurring at start of time. In addition, I incorporate into this thought process God and what part I think He had to play in it all. I will use some things I understand of science to explain what I believe to be so. Today, of course many know of the Big Bang and that it allegedly began at the beginning of the universe. Many also know of the laws of mathematics and thermodynamics. One of these laws states that an object at rest stays at rest unless acted on by an external force. Another law states that energy can never be created or destroyed, only transformed into another form. Now, it is also understood by some physics majors that for time to exist within a system, movement must also exist.

is God real

This last one makes more sense if you consider an atom quitting spinning. Well, imagine the entire world as an atomic connection and you will see my point. Basically, since the world was at Remaining Big Bang, each of the principles of science, an external force needed to act upon the world to start the expansion of the world. Additionally, since energy can never be created or destroyed, but only change forms, it is impossible for the world to exist in any respect. This is a result of the fact that the world had to begin existing. Next, since before the world started to expand it had been at rest in a dense state, then at that point there was no movement.

Since motion is crucial for time to exist, at that point there was not time as we understand it. So, the way I look at this conundrum is that, firstly, God the external force needed to act on the world to start its growth and to set in motion the Big Bang. He’s the sole something that existed besides the world to exert pressure on it. Next, because energy can neither be created nor destroyed, a hopeless God would have needed to exist already with the hopeless capability to create power and everything is God real. He used this ability to make all things and to put in motion reality. Last, we see a wonderful image of God setting time in movement as He starts the expansion of the universe after creating all of reality.