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Some people think that if you buy tickets at insanely cheap, you will also go to book a cheap flights we know how terrible your experience will be. The truth is, booking cheap flights like this is something that a smart person would not do! for 3 years at our first  Cheap Flights Review we didn’t believe all of these bad reviews and negative air travel experience about!

many of this people are claiming that insanely cheap flights customer service very bad because they don’t reply to customer how booked tickets on the website: ( To cancel your booking insanely cheap   please call 866-635-0638, We’re not able to accept cancellation requests by email but will be happy to help you over the phone.)

when you search for insanely cheap flights reviews google show you reviews from 9 years before!! i means the trip advisor review about insanely cheap flights is 9 years old give not sensibility.

the are more insanely cheap flights reviews on most of them are complaining about : changed flights updated, charged more than was posted on the website, Charged me $150 to correct name and dtaten,

In COVID-19 situation they are charging money if the customer wanted cancelled his flight booking.

Really  Insanely Cheap Flights !!

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